HOW IT WORKS God set the ultimate example on how to give by the sacrificial giving of His very own Son (Eph. 5:2). Every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord, and so the resources He has blessed believers with ultimately belong to Him. Whether it is from our giftedness in finances, materials, service, and time - it is a believer’s responsibility to be good stewards and give back to the Lord what is His by giving to the church and others. Encounter Church is pleased to offer online giving for our members. While this can have advantages, we want each person who chooses this option to make sure they are giving in a spirit that is pleasing to the Lord. While there are several ways to give electronically, including automatic withdrawal for checking, debit cards and credit cards, we strongly discourage the use of credit cards. Proverbs 22:7 says "...the borrower is servant to the lender" and credit cards can cause many people to struggle financially. Since we can not distinguish online whether a card is being used for debit or credit, we will allow the use of both. Thank you for your faithfulness and may you continue to walk out the blessed life Christ intended for us all. Here's how it works. Click on this link and you can follow the simple steps for setting up your own account for online giving! Or go straight to the page and start giving as a 'guest member'.