21 Days of Fasting & Prayer is coming soon, and we would love for your to join with us. For three weeks, we will gather together to worship, have daily devotionals, and pray both individually and corporately, all while fasting for spiritual breakthroughs in our families and communities. 

This is such a powerful way to commit 2021 to the Lord, through prayer and fasting. God's word is full of stories when people gathered together to seek God in prayer and fasting- and how powerfully God came through for them. We know the struggles we are in, we know the pain we are experiencing. We know that we have tried so many 'other' options and 'things'... but still finding ourselves lacking and disappointed by man's answers. What we need is an answer from God.

We don't manipulate God to move through our efforts or prayer and fasting... but it brings us closer to Him and more in-tune with His heart. For many of us it's  NOT the case God is not speaking to us and trying to direct our lives.. it's just the fact that we have drowned out His voice with the noise and distractions of our lives. These 21 days are a great opportunity for us once again to reprioritize our lives to once again 'sense' His leading and guidance in our lives.

We have added materials and links to this page to help and direct you as you join us for these 21 days of prayer and fasting.

We can't wait to see everything that God is going to do in your life. 

Time given to Him is never wasted!

Standing Together & God Bless,                         

Pastor Philip and Kelly Pimlott                




Monday- God’s Protection

Tuesday- Our Marriage, Families and Home

Wednesday- Health and Healing

Thursday- Miracles and Breakthroughs

Friday- Finance and Blessings

Saturday- This Nation and World

Sunday- Our church, pastors & leaders.

This year instead of doing daily prayer themes for each of the 3 weeks- we are going to take 7 topics and pray for them on specific days of each week. This will allow us to focus our prayers in a greater way upon topics that are of utmost importance for our lives...especially during this time.

Please make plans to stand and agree with us in prayer each day- God’s Word promises that through agreement and coming together there is great return and reward. We will be posting the daily prayer themes each day on social media and encourage you also to listen to ‘Minute with P’ each day located on the FaceBook page (Click the icon at the bottom of the website to head there).

Let’s STAND together and see God answer our prayers.

Remember- the number one reason our prayers are not answered is because they are NOT first prayed! Prayer makes ALL the difference!


A question that many have asked... so together let's look to God's Word for the answer- 

'Simply stated, Biblical fasting is refraining

from food for a spiritual purpose.'

According to Matthew 6 in the Bible- there are 3 duties of every Christian: give, pray, and fast.

Biblical Fasting takes a lot of discipline and strength- strength, which you can only receive, from God. Your private discipline will bring you rewards both here on earth and in Heaven. When you give God your first through fasting, prayer, and giving at the beginning of the year, you set the course for your entire year. It's like laying the foundation upon which God can truly build what He has 'purposed' for your life! 

  1. Are you in need of a healing or a miracle?
  2. Do you need to have a closer walk (relationship) with God?
  3. Do you need breakthroughs and dreams to be unlocked?
  4. Do you need purpose for your life? 
  5. Do you need a fresh encounter?
  6. Are you ready to have a heightened sensitivity to the desires of God?
  7. Do you need deliverance from bondages?
  8. Is there someone close to you that needs Salvation?
  9. Do you desire to know God's Will for your life?
  10. Do you want this year to be different?



We also want to stress the importance of prayer during this time of fasting. To just go 'without; is just one dimension of what these 21 days of purpose is all about.. PRAYER puts into action His purpose and will for our lives. It's conversation with Him that will leave us forever changed. 

Make sure you target your prayers during the fast. We encourage you to write a list of what you believe God to do in your life. Each day bring those petitions before God, and be prepared to listen to His reply- as He promises to lead and guide our lives.

Fasting is the Lock - Prayer is the Key! 



1. How do I begin? What can I do to prepare for my fast?

Before beginning a fast, think it through. Write down a plan so that you do not waiver

or start justifying your appetite during the fast. Make a verbal commitment to the

Lord. Start your fast with a committed heart. Don't bite off more than you can

chew ... but also stretch yourself (going without anything is not easy to start with!).

2. Can I have salt, pepper, seasoning, milk, whole grain, sou products, eggs, protein drinks, vitamins or butter? 

The general guidelines for each fast can be found in the 'types of fast' section. However,

fasting is a private discipline: It is not something that is meant to be unattainable.

Decide what is feasible for you to do and make the effort. If you are on a full fast and

just can't consume broth without salt and pepper, that's ok Do what you can and put it

in God's hands just do you're best.

3. What can children fast?

Try to encourage your children to follow the fasting path you have chosen ... make it

into a family fast for your household. There are definitely ways that they can play a

part, for example, giving up their video games. I have found that for children it is

better to tackle the fast one week at a time. So set goals for them each week and

encourage them to follow through your example will help them.

4. What if I have a medical problem?

Consult your doctor before starting a fast if you are concerned about this. You will be

surprised however to know that fasting had medically been proven to bring great

'physical' healing to the body. There are definitely 'ways' you can fast that will still

enable you to participate on our 21 days of PURPOSE! Consider at least the 'Soul Fast.'

5. What if I start and can't finish... have I fasted for nothing?

Seeking God through prayer and fasting is never a waste of time. When you make any

effort, God takes notice. We encourage you to 'pick your self up' and continue if

possible, or change over to another type of fast.

6. I forgot and ate something: Do I need to start again?

Easy to do, but doesn't undo what you have already done. Don't feel like you have

blown it so what's the point of continuing? Think of fasting as a marathon rather than

a sprint. Just don't give up! We all mess up.

7. What type of fast are you going on? Do I have to do the same fast? 

Fasting is a private and personal discipline. By all means talk and discuss with others, but determine what you want to do for yourself. There is no such things as 'greater; fasts than another all involve a certain amounts of sacrifice. Don't allow yourself to be

brought into condemnation over what your are or are not doing. Remember the

fasting part is refraining for a 'spiritual purpose.' God knows and sees your heart.

8. Do I have to fast food? What about tv, sports, social media, etc.?

Fasting food is the traditional type of fast that is outlined in Scripture. However, if you

are unable to fast food for health reasons, feel free to give up something else of

importance to your life (as outlined in SOUL FAST- in the 'type 'of fast' section).

Replace that time with prayer and study of God's Word.

9. Do I continue to exercise while fasting?

Moderate exercise is good. However, watch if you are on a complete fast as your body

will lack the energy it will need to complete certain types of work out. Remember we're

not feeding our bodies to carry on life as norma/ ... this is a season when we change our priorities and focus more on God.

10. What if I have a job that requires manual labor?

If you have a job that requires you to expend a lot of physical energy, you may want to

consider a partial fast that allows you to receive enough nutrition to perform your job. Be wise!

11. Can my husband and I be intimate during our fast?

There is scriptural reference for abstaining from sex during times of fasting, but make

sure to read it in its entire context. It does say (I Corinthians 7:5)- 'So do not deprive one

another (of sexual relationships) EXCEPT WITH CONSENT for a time .... that you may

give yourselves to fasting and prayer.' So the answer is yes, scripture allows this and

even provides for this depriving or going without for the purpose of fasting and prayer,

BUT this is only to be done by mutual consent. Both have to be on board to fast from

sexual relations. It has to be agreed by both.

12. Why am I having such bad headaches and bad breath?

This is normal during the fast as your body removes the toxins for your system. We fail

to realize what we are putting into our bodies as 'fuel' until we change the intake.

These are normal and will go away as you persist. It's your body detoxing itself, so

make sure to drink plenty of water; water is the 'fasters' best friend!

For any other questions you may have ... please don't hesitate to ask and send an email to the address at the bottom of the webpage.