We can't wait to welcome everyone back to in-person Sunday  worship experiences-

Our staff and leadership team have been meeting each week to determine when and how we can best return back to in-person Worship Experiences. Now that churches have been allowed too open and our state is in ‘phase two’, we still have to follow guidelines that will make us compliant to open ‘safely.’

We wish it was a case of just opening the doors as before and letting people flow in, however this will not be the new ‘norm’ for the next few months. Church WILL BE DIFFERENT but that doesn’t mean it won’t be impactful.

We will NOW REQUIRE everyone to pre-register for ALL Sunday Worship Experiences. We ask that you sit together as a family and if you ride to church together- then register together too. this will help to cut down the amount of empty chairs we will have to assign to assure the proper 'social distancing.'

Make sure to click the links below to reserve your seat at church...and continue reading as we make you aware of how Church will look for now.

So What will church look like?

We plan to meet in-person, but it will be different.

Here are some plans and procedures we will be putting into place (some may still be changed and adjusted)- Remember our priority is to keep ALL our family members safe and well.

  • We will have 2 Sunday Worship Experiences @ 9 &11am.
  • Doors will be open 30 mins before church time and will be locked 15 mins after church starts.
  • There will be a designated entrance and exits to the church, to help eliminate the crowding and gathering in hallways and doors.
  • Dream Team members will be wearing masks. (as they serve you)
  • EVERYONE who attends will have to pre-register for each Sunday Worship Experience. Seats will be at issued on a first come basis (there will be an opportunity for you to select seats/ sections on website)
  • We will be set up to enforce ‘social distancing’ with chairs spaced 6ft apart.
  • Families and households will need to sit together (If you ride to church together, you can sit together).
  • There will be NO e-kids Club or Nursery till August (date still to be determined)).
  • The bus will NOT be picking up riders till August (date still to be determined)
  • Masks are REQUIRED due to state implaced Covid-19 Policies. You will be required to wear a mask as you spend your time at the church unless you are seated in the Sanctuary. We will have disposable masks and gloves available if needed.
  • We will have hand sanitizer stations set up outside all entrance doors and throughout the building.
  • Between Worship Experiences all handles, doors, surfaces and bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized.
  • We will continue to offer Encounter Church at HOME as we continue to ‘live’ stream our Worship Experiences each Sunday.
  • We will dismiss each Worship Experience by sections to help keep social distancing and a safe environment for all.

Those At ‘Risk’ Should NOT Attend.

Older adults (ages 65+) and people who have severe underlying medical conditions seem to be a higher risk. With this thought in mind, we suggest that those in this category consider continuing to participate in the online church Experiences for now.

We will not enforce this nor stop people from coming, but it is something we would advise you to carefully consider. We understand that people are anxious to get back to church, but we must still be aware of the warnings and ‘play’ it safe.

(We have adopted a policy at the church that anyone who falls into this category will NOT serve on any Dream Teams at this time).

What If I’m Not Comfortable To Come Back Yet?

Easy, use your judgment and continue the online church experiences. There is no pressure at this point to join us as we start in-person Sunday Experiences. Some of you fall in the ‘at risk’ and some are just not confident or comfortable at this time to gather even with proper distancing and precautions. 

Some who will attend will choose to wear a face mask, others may not. We are NOT mandating, but do recommend people wear masks. Remember masks are designed to protect others more than yourself.

There will be plenty of time for EVERYONE to be back in church together, but whether in-person or online- we are still a church family. We want you to be comfortable and confident in the decisions you make- there is no pressure. We still love you and will be here when you are ready to return.


There will be more information and details that will be given to any changes etc. We are thankful for each of your prayers and for your willingness to be understanding as we seek to make the ‘best’ decisions to get church back to in-person Worship Experiences beginning June 14th (9&11am).

Church may be different- but we are believing it’s going to be even more powerful! We are excited to see ALL God is going to continue to do at Encounter Church.

How to still stay connected to encounter church at home


We fully understand this and don't expect this to happen. Due to either age, medical conditions or not feeling comfortable even with social distancing some will still not attend.

Remember- whether you're HERE or THERE- you're still part of the Encounter Church FAMILY! If you chose to stay following Encounter Church at HOME here are the best ways to do that. 

Accessing Encounter Church on Social Media

If you do not have a Facebook Account and would like to have one:

  1. Type www.facebook.com from your Internet Browser
  2. In the Sign Up area, enter your first and last name, your email address, enter a password, your birthdate (including the year) and your gender.
  3. You’re ready for the next step, (If you already have a Facebook account, proceed). 
  4. Next, in the Search box, type in encounter church br and hit your enter key.  This will take you to the church’s Facebook page.  The Live feed will be available on Sunday at 9:00 a.m. 

Sharing the Live Feed

  1. From the Live Sunday Morning experience on the encounter church br page, press share.  You will be able to add verbiage if you like.  When complete, press POST.  
  2. If you’re on a desktop/laptop, you may have the option of “Share Now”.  If you select “Share Now”, whatever you want to share will be shared instantly without allowing you to comment.

  3. Creating a Facebook Watch Party
    1. From the Live experience, select Share
    2. Next select Watch Party (if you’re using a PC, it will say ‘Start a Watch Party’)
    3. If you like, you can add verbiage in the ‘Say Something About This’ dialog box.  If you choose to not make comments, press Start to begin the Watch Party to all Friends on your FB page.

Accessing the Sunday Experience From the Website

  1. From your Internet browser, type in www.encounterchurch.today
  2. Click on MORE (in the far right corner of the Menu heading) 


  1. Select Messages

The live experience will began at 9:00 a.m. If you access Messages when there is no current live broadcast, LIVE FEED IS OFFLINE will be displayed.

Accessing Encounter Church from Instagram

  1. Log into your Instagram account
  2. In the search box at the top of the screen, type in echurchbr and hit enter.
  3. Click on the church logo.  Live feed should be available.  

Do you need prayer?

There is so much strength we can draw from each other through prayer. Prayer is the simplest yet most effect way to see a miracle happen in your life. it our opportunity to 'go to' God and ask Him to meet our needs.

We know you have needs during this time...so why not allow us to agree with you and believe that God will send our answer. 

CLICK HERE to be taken to a prayer request form. You can decide if you want us to reach back to you...I pray that you do. We would love to pray with you personally via the phone.

Call to me, and I WILL answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know. (Jeremiah 33:3 NKJV)

Prayer changes things!

Encounter church at home daily devotionals

Each morning (except Sundays) we will be coming to your with a daily word of encouragement @6:30am. These devotionals can be watch on this page or via FB or Instagram (echurchbr).

We will take a verse (or verses) of scripture each day and use a method to study it called S.O.A.P

  • Scripture- 
  • Observation- What is being said and to whom.
  • Application- How can I apply it to my life (live it out)\
  • Prayer-

This is such a powerful way to break down God's Word and see how it can be applied to our daily lives. Make sure to share these posts with your friends. What an opportunity to BRING the Gospel to pour world. Everyone is seeking in a crisis.

Check out the devotions below-