Encounter Church at Home

It's amazing how quickly our daily lives can be completely turned upside down as we begin to navigate through uncertain times...maybe uncertain to us, but NOT to God. We MUST guard our hearts and not allow fear to take control.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. Psalms 34:19 (NLT)

They have asked for 'social distancing' to take place, meaning that they don't want us to be 'around' other people to help stop the spreading of COVID19...however we have coined a new phrase for this as 'physical distancing.' Yes it's important for us to stay away physically BUT socially we MUST stay connected during these time.

At Encounter Church we are doing everything within our ability to make sure our church stays 'socially connected,' and that everyone still has the support of their church family. We need each other during these times.

So What IS our plan of attack?

While we cannot meet physically we have set up the following opportunities for us to meet socially-

  • Sunday Experiences- We will now have church ONLY online each Sunday LIVE @9am. We will have our regular Sunday worship experience with praise and worship along with a message...but now online only. This experience can be watch on our website CLICK HERE or on our Facebook or Instagram sites- by searching echurchbr (if you are not already following us...which I can't imagine why your not? check out below for directions on how to log on to social media). We encourage for you during the Sunday experiences to 'chat' and interact with your church family PLUS to share our live feed on your personal page or create a 'Watch Party.' We also plan to send out a video link for all our kids to watch a short experience especially for them. We want to keep the whole family connected so we will be sending out a video devotional on FB to help you navigate through this storm, you can also watch it at the bottom of this page. Please make sure to share these posts on your page and with your friends...what an opportunity we have to be a light for Jesus.
  • Office- Our physical office is closed right now-BUT we're still open for business. If you have any needs please don't hesitate to call and leave a message (225)274-1607. Our staff is working from home and are still available for you and your families. if you have any additional needs please email nancy@encounterchurch.today.
  • Social media- Every day we will be posting inspiration and informative posts that we will also give you the opportunity to dialog with. We want to hear from you too! We will also be having LIVE devotions each Tuesday and Thursday nights (@9pm) from one of our Lead Team at the church...kids and youth with also be sending our messages along with ER each Friday night @6pm. We are doing everything we can to keep you connected socially.
  • Small Groups- We are still planning on having our small groups...but now through technology (Google Meeting). Your Small group leaders will be contacting you and informing you of how and when you will meet. Small groups are such a life line to our church...so we need to stay connected.
  • Fasting- Each Wednesday we are inviting our church to join TOGETHER to fast. Remember there are different forms of fasting- and fasting is refraining from something or a spiritual purpose. We believe that fasting is such a powerful tool we can use to see God move in this world.
  • Staying Connected- we are working on a plan for everyone in our church to be contacted each week. If you haven't been contacted...please reach out to us and let us know you are well (225-279-0586). Make sure you are staying connected too with others from your church family. We are also encouraging everyone to find an ACCOUNTABILITY partner. You need someone to walk through this season with you!

It's so important to stay 'socially connected' and encourage each other during these times. if you have any questions or need assistance please contact us-



How to get connected to encounter church at home

Accessing Encounter Church on Social Media

If you do not have a Facebook Account and would like to have one:

  1. Type www.facebook.com from your Internet Browser
  2. In the Sign Up area, enter your first and last name, your email address, enter a password, your birthdate (including the year) and your gender.
  3. You’re ready for the next step, (If you already have a Facebook account, proceed). 
  4. Next, in the Search box, type in encounter church br and hit your enter key.  This will take you to the church’s Facebook page.  The Live feed will be available on Sunday at 9:00 a.m. 

Sharing the Live Feed

  1. From the Live Sunday Morning experience on the encounter church br page, press share.  You will be able to add verbiage if you like.  When complete, press POST.  
  2. If you’re on a desktop/laptop, you may have the option of “Share Now”.  If you select “Share Now”, whatever you want to share will be shared instantly without allowing you to comment.

  3. Creating a Facebook Watch Party
    1. From the Live experience, select Share
    2. Next select Watch Party (if you’re using a PC, it will say ‘Start a Watch Party’)
    3. If you like, you can add verbiage in the ‘Say Something About This’ dialog box.  If you choose to not make comments, press Start to begin the Watch Party to all Friends on your FB page.

Accessing the Sunday Experience From the Website

  1. From your Internet browser, type in www.encounterchurch.today
  2. Click on MORE (in the far right corner of the Menu heading) 


  1. Select Messages

The live experience will began at 9:00 a.m. If you access Messages when there is no current live broadcast, LIVE FEED IS OFFLINE will be displayed.

Accessing Encounter Church from Instagram

  1. Log into your Instagram account
  2. In the search box at the top of the screen, type in echurchbr and hit enter.
  3. Click on the church logo.  Live feed should be available.  

Do you need prayer?

There is so much strength we can draw from each other through prayer. Prayer is the simplest yet most effect way to see a miracle happen in your life. it our opportunity to 'go to' God and ask Him to meet our needs.

We know you have needs during this time...so why not allow us to agree with you and believe that God will send our answer. 

CLICK HERE to be taken to a prayer request form. You can decide if you want us to reach back to you...I pray that you do. We would love to pray with you personally via the phone.

Call to me, and I WILL answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know. (Jeremiah 33:3 NKJV)

Prayer changes things!

Encounter church at home daily devotionals

Each morning (except Sundays) we will be coming to your with a daily word of encouragement @6:30am. These devotionals can be watch on this page or via FB or Instagram (echurchbr).

We will take a verse (or verses) of scripture each day and use a method to study it called S.O.A.P

  • Scripture- 
  • Observation- What is being said and to whom.
  • Application- How can I apply it to my life (live it out)\
  • Prayer-

This is such a powerful way to break down God's Word and see how it can be applied to our daily lives. Make sure to share these posts with your friends. What an opportunity to BRING the Gospel to pour world. Everyone is seeking in a crisis.

Check out the devotions below-